Resepti: Karpalo-inkivääri-mocktail 🎄

Recipe: Cranberry-ginger mocktail 🎄

Celebrate Christmas with this cranberry ginger mocktail! 🎅✨

🎄 Cranberry-ginger mocktail 🎄
- Cranberry-rosemary ice cubes 🧊
- Crushed mint leaves
- Juice of 1/2 lime
- 350ml cranberry juice
- 50ml ginger juice (diy: blend ginger and soda water and strain)
- 330ml ginger beer or soda water
- Garnish with fresh rosemary ✨

1. Make ice cubes by tearing small pieces of rosemary into ice cube molds and adding berries and water
2. When the ice cubes are ready, crush the mint by hand or, for example, with a mortar
3. Add ice cubes and mint to the container. Squeeze in the juice of 1/2 lime.
4. Add cranberry juice.
5. Add prepared ginger juice or make your own and add it. You can make ginger juice with a juicer or by peeling and chopping a piece of ginger, mixing it with soda water and grinding it with a blender/stick blender. Strain through a strainer before use.
6. Add a can of ginger beer or soda water
7. Decorate with a piece of rosemary and, if you like, frozen berries ✨

Easy to take with you in a reusable drinking bottle! 🧋🎁

In the picture, our BPA-free glass pastel green drinking bottle .

Watch a video on the preparation of the drink here .

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